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April 8, 2010

Teaching Aids in Education!

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Teaching aids are the tools that teachers use them in the classroom such as flash cards,maps,cassette and blackboard. Teaching aids consist of technologies such as the internet, computers and etc to help the students to understand better. Teaching aids is also to help learners improve reading and other skills, illustrate or reinforce a skill, fact, or idea, and relieve anxiety, fears, or boredom, since many teaching aids are like games. For this chapter, my partner Hasif Jazila had created a simple way to teach adjectives to students. These are the procedure:

This activity is to further enhance the basic knowledge of adjectives within the students and help them to expand their understanding of the topic. The procedure or steps of this activity is as below:
1. First, clarify the definitions of adjectives.
o Remind students that nouns are things you can hold in your hand as well as those abstract ideas you are unable to hold in your hand, like pride, vanity, greed, etc.
o Remind students that adjectives are words that describe nouns.
2. Give students examples of both nouns and adjectives.
3. Tell students they are to create a wanted poster of themselves. It would be helpful if students brought in a school picture of themselves.
4. Tell students they are to paste or otherwise stick a picture of themselves to a piece of paper on which they can write on.
5. Below their picture, they are to use adjectives to describe themselves.
6. Allow students to decorate the paper.
7. Decorate your classroom walls with their beautiful creations.

Example of the results is like this:

Once the papers are placed on the walls, let the student observe the writings of each of their classmates and let them see what have their other classmates have listed on what they are “wanted” for. By doing so, they are able to see it with their own eyes and having written down the adjectives on their own, hence they are able to understand it much better. Because, nowadays students do not have the adequate strength of their basics of the grammar, this activity may seem simple but it is very effective in the long run.

The objectives of doing this activity is to let the students to be aware of their understanding in adjectives, to help the students in trying to let their ideas flow, and basically to ensure that the students know what they have been learning.


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