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April 8, 2010

Reka bentuk Dan Penilaian Media

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If i’m not mistaken, this was the first or fifth lesson for my lecture in Computer in Education. Either way, i uploaded the slides in spin, so i don’t know whether i’m right or not. Basically, reka bentuk dan penilaian media is about tells us about the concepts of creating ways to teach, the use of creating teaching, and the evaluation of the media in teaching. According to Dick and Reiser (1989), the concept of creating ways of teaching is a systematic process of creating, uprising, achieving and the evaluation of the teaching. The media plays an important role whereby it is a medium to send information to the people. Through media, the information will spread easily. In this chapter, there are 6 important basic rules of the instructional media and technologies for learning. They are determining the necessities of the students, determine the objective and goals, creating an evaluation procedure, creating and choosing the best strategy in presenting, trying the teaching system and evaluate the entire system. From my point of view, I can see that the media is an important tool to help in creating effective ways of teaching. The media includes the internet, computer, cameras, radio, and etc. These are the tools that can help teachers in their teaching. Effective and Creative. Words of any teachers would like to apply in their teaching.


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